September 28, 2016
Juvenile Sea Turtle Named “Peanut” Rehabilitated and Released Back into the Gulf of Mexico
October 5, 2016


“Peanut” is a juvenile green sea turtle that was picked up by a concerned fisherman offshore Venice, LA who said the turtle appeared sluggish and exhausted. Once Peanut was brought in for rehabilitation, CWN staff noted that the animal was lethargic and dehydrated. He was given fluids, antibiotics, and plenty of rest during his first few days with CWN.

Peanut was affectionally named by CWN care staff due to how small he was. After months or rest and relaxation, it was time for Peanut to make the journey home. Due to Peanuts’ life stage, this animal is considered a juvenile and is still in the “open ocean” stage of his life. Meaning that Peanut needed to go back offshore near foraging grounds found in the open ocean and with weed lines for cover.

With the partnership of the US Coast Guard, Peanut was able to be released back into the crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico!

Watch the video below to see footage of Peanuts’ journey and release!

If you see a sick/injured marine mammal or sea turtle please call (504) 235-3005.


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